Friday, 12 December 2014

New Blog on the Block

Hello Everyone, my name is Naddy!

I am here to share with you all my experiments and projects related to
my new found passion; edible gardening in the city.  There is no better time
to start a blog about gardening then in the winter!

Starting a blog is something I've been looking into for awhile now, and
I believe I have found the perfect topic.  Urban farming has been increasing
in popularity these last couple years, and I think it is high time everyone
else climbed aboard.  After all, food is essential to life.  

As someone who is tired of the disconnect between people and the food they
consume, I truly believe edible gardens in the city are a must.  If you
 are tired as well, then join me in my crusade to grow vegetables in the city.
What is more local then your own backyard?

Follow along as I clumsily work my way through my growing list of
projects.  My winter tasks will include making my own garden beds, indoor
sprout growing, vermicomposting and much more.  I will also be documenting
all successes and failures, and this blog will become a learning experience
for everyone.

I have been inspired by so many different people when it comes to food
security and urban gardening.  Let me inspire you.  Please feel free to share
any stories/questions/concerns with me.

Thank you and remember to make healthy choices!

Running into our next adventure

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